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Sketch page
Sketch page -Kouya- by Isuzu-Rin-Kakuri
Shingeki No Kyojin Practice busts and eyes by Isuzu-Rin-Kakuri
Anatomy Hands And Legs by Isuzu-Rin-Kakuri
-PC-Sketch page ShackleSoul by Isuzu-Rin-Kakuri
can be of one or 2 oc's  one page only specific poses can be requested

Will draw :

Will not draw: 
My little pony 
heavily detailed armor 

Please note me before hitting the widget button 
Full detail pencil bust
-Refined- by Isuzu-Rin-Kakuri
-AT- Jackthefabulous by Isuzu-Rin-Kakuri
A full detail bust of an oc or a character you like 

Will draw : 
kemonomimi's  ( characters with animal ears) 

Will NOT draw : 
My little ponies 

Please note me  instead of using this widget and I will tell you the form in which you can pay me  
Custom Character
(PC) Custom Character Kaoru by Isuzu-Rin-Kakuri
Kakeru Ref Page by Isuzu-Rin-Kakuri
Shi hun Ref Page by Isuzu-Rin-Kakuri
(CC) PC Shadows of the ice by Isuzu-Rin-Kakuri
-AT- Character Design Tsukishima Shigure by Isuzu-Rin-Kakuri
Like my character designs ? Give me A species , name or any other small piece of info an I will do the rest and if you don't like it I will do it again and again till it's right 

Will design: 
practically anything but boys are my specialty

Won't design : 
my little pony 
dificult armor 

the design will be a ref page.  your choice if it is chibi or not 
please note me before clicking the widget button  
Full detail colour Bust/Head shot
-Mikaze Ai- by Isuzu-Rin-Kakuri
-Shi Hun- by Isuzu-Rin-Kakuri
-Sazanami- by Isuzu-Rin-Kakuri
-Kakeru- by Isuzu-Rin-Kakuri
-Yukine Eros- by Isuzu-Rin-Kakuri
-Eternal- by Isuzu-Rin-Kakuri
I will do any anime style, human based characters this includes Kemonomimi's ( humans with animal ears) and humans with horns or wings .

Will draw : 

Will NOT draw : 
My little ponies 

Please note me  instead of using this widget and I will tell you the form in which you can pay me  
Paper children
-Paper Child- Sebastian by Isuzu-Rin-Kakuri
:Paper Child: Grimmjow by Isuzu-Rin-Kakuri
:paper Child wip : Snake Black butler by Isuzu-Rin-Kakuri
-paper child - Ciel Phantomhive by Isuzu-Rin-Kakuri
: Paper Child WIP : Yukine by Isuzu-Rin-Kakuri
C  1/3 -Paper child-  Mayu Vocaloid by Isuzu-Rin-Kakuri
I can do almost any human based character maybe some animals as well you can choose a saying to go with them or an item if you want another pal to go with it it will cost extra ex, if you want them to have a little familiar like a dog or dragon 

Will draw : 
kemonomimi's  ( characters with animal ears) 
( any human from fandoms)

Will NOT draw : 
My little ponies  

Please note me  instead of using this widget and I will tell you the method  in which you can pay me  
Full detail color no background
Yukine by Isuzu-Rin-Kakuri
Son of a Prince by Isuzu-Rin-Kakuri
Eyes that Hold No Mercy by Isuzu-Rin-Kakuri
A full color drawing of your oc or a favorite character without a background adding an additional character may cost a little extra only because of the extra time 

Things I will draw: 
Anime/manga style

Things I will not draw: 
~My little pony 
~Robots or mecha
~ Aliens or things that represent aliens 
~Sonic the hedgehog characters or oc's 

This is only because I cannot draw them extremely well therefore I would feel I would not be doing a good job in the commission you requested please note me before clicking the widget. If you want an extra character it will cost 50 points or so more 
Yukine Chibi by Isuzu-Rin-Kakuri
Yokai Kido Chibi by Isuzu-Rin-Kakuri
(CC) PC -Black- by Isuzu-Rin-Kakuri
{CLOSED} by Isuzu-Rin-Kakuri
-New oc- Tokei Chibi by Isuzu-Rin-Kakuri
[CLOSED] Adopt K by Isuzu-Rin-Kakuri
will draw your oc favorite characters
~full color 
~full detail
~words can be added   if you want i to be like your id 

Will draw : 
kemonomimi's  ( characters with animal ears) 

Will NOT draw : 
My little ponies 

Please note me  instead of using this widget and I will tell you the method  in which you can pay me  
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ah sorry for that urgent title but yeah if it got your attention hey it worked. 

anyway so um my friend here :iconwazzupabra: is looking to commission and really needs points so pleas go commission her . Her art is awesome and she is very good at practically anything so please go commission her asap ! 

here is some of her art ! 
Unknown Chemical 3 by wazzupabraWhite SPacE prancinG by wazzupabraMecha Escape by wazzupabra7realms by wazzupabraGastrotaur by wazzupabra

Like I said her art is super good and she is very talented so go commission her ! U won't regret it 

Thanks for reading have a great day 
  • Mood: Alarmed
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  • Reading: music vids
  • Watching: haikyuu
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 So this weekend is thanks giving so I have a three day weekend Llama Emoji-39 (Eager) [V2]  I am so happy I get to relax an extra day and do whatever I want. So anyway that entails I am going to hopefully be done with my to do list because man it has taken me SO long to get it done and for that I am sorry Llama Emoji-08 (Crying) [V1] . Anyway so I just realized my premium member ship expires in 6 days *shrugs* not sure whether I should be sad or not but it was nice having it I must say lol. SO on to the topic of this journal since I seem to be rambling on. I have an updated list of things I need to do and things that ARE due from others as well I have some adopts I will be posting soon and a contest I am hoping to hold within a few days or as soon as I get this list of things done ( or enough points to give away ) . Then I will open the rest of my commissions up once again as I am getting poor and need more points to give to random peeps or commission my fave artists Llama Emoji 35 (Desire or Want Something) [V2]   

I won't say much about the contest coming up other than it is going to be Halloween themed or scary because I love scary things this time of year Llama Emoji-07 (Hopeless or Scared) [V1]   ( so expect some creepy drawings or doodles of oc's ) and about a "certain" demon I haveLlama Emoji-37 (Teehee) [V2]  that is all I will say lol Llama Emoji-56 (Hiding) [V3] 

SO here is my do do list atm : 
Here is what I  owe people 

Head-shot and chibi for :icongofee33: PB Red - Sketching by Oceannist
Full detail full body pencil commission :iconshacklesoul: PB Red - Shading by Oceannist
Tarot card simple detail :iconcodywolf:PB Red - Inking by Oceannist

Art trades  
Oc pair :iconzomlien:PB Red - Shading by Oceannist

And here is a list of what people owe me 

:iconask-jeff-teh-killer: art trade drawing of shi hun 
:iconmy-violet-world: Art trade 
:iconzomlien: At oc pair Hikaru and Yato
:iconcode-sonic: Drawing for adopt (Isuzu Chibi ) 
:iconxshadows-of-the-icex: Drawings for adopts X2   
:iconduck-empress: 2 coloured busts ( I haven't paid yet)
:icontheswimmingplant: Drawings for adopt 

Anyway have a good day everyone thanks for reading ^^ 

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Hello everyone ! Pleased to meet you !
I am a mostly self taught traditional artist You can call me Rin, Rin~Chan, Rin~Rin , even if you want Rin-Senpai I'd be flattered XD or whatever nickname you'd like ^^ I love to draw anime/Manga style and my strong point is just traditional.

Need anything ? I'd be happy to help in any way I can and I always love talking to people on here so don't be shy if you want to talk just note me ^^

Please Check out my gallery if you have time it would mean a lot to me !:iconheartrollplz:

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Drawings for adopt :iconxshadows-of-the-icex:
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R: Breach by aquatic4lIsuzu by ScarletDemon4
ZAMBIE by wazzupabra Incarnation Of Darkness-Request by TrueBluuue commision- not my oc by wazzupabra (AT) .:Kakeru:. by XShadows-of-the-IceXisuzukakuri (Trade) by lazyfoxxx
Request For IsuzuKakuri by camspooks PC: Kakeru by aquatic4l Wolf Gift by wazzupabra
:AT: Kakeru by Mina-senpai Isu Gif by Wolgron ::..One by One..:: by SexyMadHouse AT by Allixi
Kakeru (COmmission) by d-0-e Art trade by Hostmetalsoul
Kakeru by tinanicho
|| Art Trade For Isuzukakuri || Tia by Tianna3376 c: isuzukakuri by Relxion
Commsion Kouya by BubbleDriver HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHHHAAHHAHA by wazzupabra
25 Point commish by Mina-senpaiKoyua~ Request by TheSwimmingPlantKouya gif (commission) by yoitemiha
Request: Kouya by Mina-senpai

isuzukakuri Resquest- Welcome To My world by Shinjya-Gohaku rip to reality by wazzupabra Psynande Art Trade by wazzupabra circus freak by wazzupabra
Commission for  isuzukakuri by JackTheFabulous Free quick sketches by d-0-e Psyanyde Req by Umbrayl-and-PaynxDemon Winner by oshare12Psynades Realm by wazzupabra
AT- Psyanyde by itsnattiePsyanyde~ Trade by TheSwimmingPlantheadshot commish by Mina-senpai
Shi Hun :
Commsion by BubbleDriver Shi Hun~ Trade by TheSwimmingPlant Art trade Shi hun by FluffyKawaiiPuppy
Commission: Isuzu-rin-kakuri by fuwafuwamarshmellow*Shi~Hun* by Poptatrt-Henshin
Request: Senso by Exie-Kun (C) ~Senso~ by XShadows-of-the-IceX cute little demon pup by wazzupabra :CE: ~Another Soul Satisfied~ by XShadows-of-the-IceXanarchy maybe by wazzupabra Senso's Wolf Form by Wasa-samaSenso~ Trade by TheSwimmingPlant

Chibi Sazanami by TheSwimmingPlant Art Trade-isuzukakuri by Shiroiia AT: Sazanami by MerMerNui AT: Sazanami by MerMerNui art trade with isuzu-rin-kakuri by JackTheFabulousMagic Clarity by wazzupabra

Commsion Hikaru Kazuki by BubbleDriver comm: hikaru by kono-ha commission by decapitated-friitz Requests, Batch 1! by camspooks
isuzukakuri's oc Hikaru Kauzuki by angiewaiwai Commish: Hikaru by Mina-senpai(C) ~Hikaru~ by XShadows-of-the-IceX

Kido and Raven :
Secret Santa by Evulnessluver the mask is torn and now the fire comes by wazzupabra Yokai Kido by CuteKiwiKitty
Commision by wazzupabra

Other :
titan by wazzupabra :Contest entry: Kakeru x Shi Hun by Kaze-Katorin-chan Tollkirsche by wazzupabra Yato - Headshot Request by EternalHeavensYukine Chibi Req by Umbrayl-and-Paynx
BloodSpill - isuzukakuri Request by Mangaman250 demon master dragon inked by wazzupabra commission 9 by YukinaEstebann Izumi Uta (Colored) ~Trade by TheSwimmingPlant7realms by wazzupabraSenso and Sazanami by DoYouLikeKetchupDagger by radicology

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Isuzu-Rin-Kakuri Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
 of course , though most likely I won't start till then though  do you have a limit on how much you want to spend on a commission ? 
Yaseiihana Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2014
Yup detailed and colored and yup a picture with two people in it together and do you think I can pay on the 27th?
Isuzu-Rin-Kakuri Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
yeah it will just cost a little extra if u mean like two ppl together not two drawings  I have two more commissions I have yet to open they are full detail pencil or colour that is probably what you are looking for no ? 
Yaseiihana Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2014
Okay but I'm wondering if I can commission a couple picture? I'll give you info on them as soon as I get my laptop.
Isuzu-Rin-Kakuri Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
yes i indeed do  there are  widgets on my page if you are  interested 
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